Authentic Philadelphia Style & Bavarian Style Soft Pretzels

Fresh Baked New York Style Kettle Boiled Bagels

Wholesale & Retail Sales

For Wholesale Accounts, We Have Frozen Pretzels And Bagels  

Ready To Bake/Warm Up At Your Location

Great For:

Convenience Stores/Concession Stands/Bars/Restaurants/Delis

Cafeterias/ Supermarkets/Water Ice-Ice Cream Stands


Take the guess work out of daily ordering 

 pretzels and bagels

Minimize over/under ordering which

reduces profits!

Ready To Serve In Minutes!



Besides Salt, Pretzels Can Be Topped With:
  • Pizza Sauce & Cheese- (pizza pretzel)
  • Butter, Cinnamon, Sugar
  • Onion, Garlic, Sesame- (Everything Mix)
  • Warm Cheese from a Dispenser
  • Chocolate or Vanilla Frosting
  • and many more...

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Oven Loan Program Available

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Phone: 215.288.4002